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Mobile picking system by WIBOND:

Best practice from the automobile industry

In the last few years the requirements for commodity flow in the industry environment have changed considerably. Expansive warehousing was replaced by a demand-driven procurement of goods. Therefore, suppliers nowadays must be able to deliver even the smallest shipment quantities to different places within a very short period of time. To reach that aim, one of Germanys’ biggest automobile manufacturer trusts in the wireless based Put-to-light technology by WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH, a subsidiary of the WITRON group.

In the distribution centre's large order picking trolleys (PickCarts), the articles ordered from the numerous automobile workshops are picked according to the respective orders. Every PickCart is equipped with multicolored picking displays and sensor systems by WIBOND. The goods are transported via conveyor belts to various workplaces, where the local employee takes the individual parts off the belt and scans their barcode. The system assigns the item to a current order and hence to a defined shelf compartment. By illuminating the picking display on the corresponding compartment, the employee can distribute the goods fast and precise. The search for the correct PickCart is supported by an acoustic signal. WIBOND has integrated one buzzer module per cart and shelf level into the Put-to-Light system.

PickCart for fast and precise picking

A sensor system specially developed by WIBOND, which reliably detects even a fast insertion of small objects packed in plastic bags into the compartment, serves the purpose of area monitoring. It ensures the correct compartment storage and indicates errors visually and acoustically. The loaded PickCarts are finally pushed to dispatch for final order processing.


The required mobility, flexibility and system stability is achieved on the one hand by the battery operation of the order picking system and on the other hand by wireless, bidirectional communication between the shelf and the merchandise management system via 5 GHz WLAN. Every shelf is equipped with its own battery and WLAN module. The battery ensures the functionality for more than two shifts. The available remaining time is permanently calculated. When an adjustable threshold value is reached (e.g. 30 minutes remaining running time), the system reports the imminent battery change to the shelf and the supervisory software, so that continuous operation and a stable process are guaranteed.

With over 35 years of experience, WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH plans, develops and produces digital visualisation systems for the optimisation of production and logistics processes. As a specialist for customized solutions, WIBOND offers a broad product portfolio in the field of industrial applications and all tools for the visual factory in line with the industry 4.0 philosophy.