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OPED relies on WIBOND's production control system

The medical technology company OPED GmbH successfully put its first production line with visual employee guidance into operation in April 2018. Supplied by WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH, the new system serves as an interface between the higher-level inventory management system and production. It consists of several touch screen monitors specially designed for the industrial sector and a customized software solution for production control - all from one source: WIBOND.

OPED was searching for a solution to make order-related production more flexible and to provide visual guidance to employees within the assembly process. The product mix, the customized products and the switch of employees to different workstations should be taken into account. These requirements were successfully implemented by WIBOND on the basis of their production control software PALLM.

The OPED employees assemble the respective articles in several process steps at different workstations. Each of these stations is equipped with a 19 inch touch screen monitor from WIBOND. Thus, the operator always receives the exact information on which article is currently to be produced at the station and whether it is a standard or a customized product. Thanks to the system, employees can rotate freely, the error rate is reduced and assembly time is shortened. In addition, the necessary QM guidelines are complied with and the desired traceability ensured by the login and logout of the employees at the production line.

The WIBOND software PALLM receives the production orders from the ERP system, divides them into individual orders and dispatches them into the production line according to various criteria. By means of a control board, the line manager has insight into the currently pending orders or orders in the line at any time. If required, the control board can also be used to prioritize orders, pause articles or move entire order blocks to alternative production lines. This enables fast and flexible adaptation of the production process to external circumstances such as material flow, line capacity or incoming orders.

After completion of the product, the PALLM software notifies the ERP system about the item that is ready for dispatch, so that the processing of the customer order can be finalized. With this successful implementation of the first production line, three further lines were equipped with the system and control from WIBOND. In doing so, both companies particularly appreciate the constructive and agile cooperation.

OPED GmbH comment on the system

Thanks to the digital order processing via visual employee guidance, the clear assignment of the customer order to the product is thus ensured. Therefore, customized orders can be produced order-related and on the same day in product mix at the different assembly lines. Functional extensions and adaptations of the system according to our requirements were realized on a large scale. We thank you for the competent and target-oriented cooperation.
Translated from the German Article

About OPED
OPED GmbH is an internationally operating medical technology company based in Valley, south of Munich, Germany, which specializes in the development and production of innovative orthotics. The declared goal of OPED is not only to ensure that patients receive optimal products, but also to help them to become symptom-free as quickly as possible and get back to their daily routine.