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PickVision products

Controller unit for order picking system


Our industrial standard controller was developed as the central control unit for both small and comprehensive as well as complex order picking systems. Depending on the application, we offer the perfect version to control and monitor the PickVision components.

Order picking displays

Employees and order pickers can be visually guided using illuminated rings and displays with the PickVision order picking displays. The picking order displays differ in terms of the number of illuminated ring colours, key number and display versions to suit the application.


Our keyboards are used as control elements integrated in the line. Depending on the version, information can be communicated with either visual or acoustic support. The keyboards are available in a variety of versions and with differing functional scopes.

Zone display

Information can be displayed in text format with up to 10 characters in our zone displays. Together with the other components, various components can be combined into a modular system.

LED pointer for identification


The PickVisionPointer is an expedient addition to the PickVisionSystem. The employee is reliably guided by the point of light. In combination with the other PickVision components, the range of functions can be expanded in an almost infinite number of ways.

Software for order picking system


The software serves to configure and control the WIBOND order picking systems. Thanks to intuitive operation, you can parameterise and monitor the system yourself and also react rapidly to changes. As such, even comprehensive order picking systems are comprised under one graphic user interface.