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PickVision keyboards

The keyboard units are keys or key fields without a display whose functions can be freely assigned. The keys are parameterised using the “PickVisionManager” software. The types differ in terms of their additional functions as well as the integrated buzzer, single/multi-coloured illuminated ring and the design. Together with the zone display, a simple information system can be created. Depending on the type, the keyboard units can also be used to control third-party system parts.

The following function table depends on the version.

  • 1 to 7 function keys
  • Robust, large acknowledgement key
  • 1-, 2- and 8-colour illuminated ring
  • Integrated buzzer
  • Programmable additional functions
  • Control of the zone display
  • Control of third-party system parts
  • Can be configured with “PickVisionManager”
  • Simple system integration and maintenance