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The PickVisionPointer serves to illuminate and mark target and source areas  with various dimensions and variable positions precisely. The PickVisionPointer can be combined with other components from the PickVisionSystem, e.g., with an order picking display or an acknowledgement key. The system helps to avoid errors and enhance order picking performance significantly. The maintenance-free device can be simply integrated into the company network as well as parameterised to increase corporate flexibility.

Pick-by-Spot component with optional safety guard


  • Bright LED light source, even in daylight
  • Precise and quick mirror deflection in X-Y direction
  • Interfaces: 2x RS485
  • Galvanically isolated input and switch contact
  • Mounted on feet
  • Remote update function
  • Reset key for factory settings
  • Power switch
  • Operating voltage: 100-240VAC
  • “Made in Germany” quality


  • Customised mounting options
  • Anti-trap protection
  • Coating in any RAL colour
  • Connection to other interfaces, e.g. Ethernet, ProfiNet, Profibus etc.