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Your system can be configured quickly and conveniently and also monitored comprehensively with the help of the modular PickVisionSystem software comprising the PickVisionServer, PickVisionManager and PickVisionClient.

The PickVisionServer acts as the interface to your customer data. The connection is established using the “Standard PickVision Interface” (ASCII or XML format). The “Extended PickVision Interface”, which has been expanded to include ODBC , IDoc and RFC interfaces, enables optimal connection of the system to ERP platforms.

The PickVisionManager allows for graphics-supported parameterisation, administration and diagnosis of the PickVision system.

The PickVisionClient is a customer-specific programmed module which starts Pick-to-Light orders via manual triggering of an event (e.g. scanner).

With the PickVisionManager you can control and configure your complete PickVisionSystem independently.

From the installation of PickVision displays and virtual shelf design to the management of daily tasks, this user-friendly software offers the appropriate applications.

There is thus no need for a programmer or IT specialist. PickVisionManager allows you to react independently to short-term changes.

An industrial PC with touch panel is a useful tool for providing operational control. It can be used to control the PickVision displays linked to it, and provides employees with important on-site information (stages of assembly, item information, images, videos, and much more).

The clear, well-structured graphical user interface allows you to install the PickVisionSystem in just a few hours. The PickVision manual provides step-by-step guidance through all the necessary set-up and configuration measures.

You can benefit from the  numerous advantages of our PickVisionSystem after just a short period of time.

User interface PickVision software
Software for order picking systems
  • PickVisionServer, PickVisionManager, PickVisionClient
  • Simple and complex systems can be mapped with the modular structure
  • Flexible software architecture
  • Password-protected access authorisation, individual assignment of permissions
  • Various order picking types (parallel or serial and path-optimised picking) can be selected
  • Graphic reproduction of the PickZone
  • Archiving function
  • Intuitive and ergonomic operation and structure
  • Brightness control of PickVision components
  • Logging of PickVisionSystem status information and events
  • Self-function and visualising of error diagnosis
  • Statistic evaluation
  • Network capability
  • Module for communication with databases and ERP systems
  • Remote maintenance option
  • Connection of peripheries, e.g. scanners, scales, PickVisionPointer
  • Expandable according to customers’ requirements