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PickVision zone displays

The zone display is a 10-character alphanumeric display unit which serves to display any text information in the PickVisionSystem. It provides employees with details, e.g., of article numbers, work instructions or information on zone  or warehouse coordinates. A special feature here is the option of cascading two zone displays; which means a 20-character display unit is possible. In combination with the keyboard PKK 7 RG, this results in an order picking unit with 7 programmable buttons and a maximum of 20 characters. These can be animated to suit the application: Constant, flashing or moving lettering (max. 25 characters)

    • Alphanumeric dot matrix display
    • 10 or 20 characters in constant, flashing or moving lettering
    • Up to 25 characters in moving lettering mode
    • User-definable characters and special characters
    • Cascading display
    • Configuration via “PickVisionManager”
    • Simple system integration and maintenance