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PickVision Beamer

The PickVision beamer is an important tool in the WIBOND pick-by-spot system. The very bright beamer is used for picking and sorting, especially in the area of large load carriers (GLT).

The beamer has 8 colors, special characters and numbers that guide the operator through the picking and sorting process. The picking or filing area is indicated to the operator by light.

The parameterization of the process control is done via the PickVision standard software PSS/PMS. The orders are transferred via your customer IT systems into the PickVision system to the beamer. The WIBOND control of the PickVision beamer enables particularly flexible control of the light beam.

The order acceptance is carried out e.g. automatically via sensors or manually via scanner.

Application example

The operator who is assigned to a certain picking color, e.g. green illuminated ring on the picking display, is guided through the GLT area with the same color.

The PickVision beamer can also display the quantity to be picked.

Automatic acceptance is possible via a sensor. In the event of incorrect intervention, the operator receives an optical or acoustic feedback.

The PickVision beamer for GLT applications thus perfectly complements the pick-by-light system for KLT applications.

The powerful pick-by-spot solution provides excellent support to the operator for his picking and sorting tasks.

Picking with the PickVision Beamer

PickVision beamer illuminated dot for visual guidance
Pick-by-spot solution with automatic acceptance by sensors during picking
Display of the next removal position