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PickVision Pointer

The WIBOND PickVision pointer is an excellent pick-by-spot tool for picking and sorting that drives your demands for speed and a zero-defect strategy.

Thanks to a powerful light source, the WIBOND PickVision pointer signals the picker the picking/placing area.

This allows the size, position and compartment division to be completely variable. The PickVision pointer can be easily and individually parameterized via the PickVision standard software. The orders are transferred to the WIBOND software via the customer IT system. This software takes over the process control, i.e. the change of the source and target display at the respective sorting step.



The WIBOND PickVision pointer is mounted over the relevant work area and therefore ideally suites for all horizontal storage and assembly workstations. The light beam is directed via a mirror, which enables particularly flexible positioning of the light guide.

Optionally, picking displays, switches, sensors and buttons can be connected to the PickVision pointer for process optimization.

In combination with the extensive range of accessories of the PickVision system, the PickVision pointer becomes a flexible and cost-effective pick-by-spot solution for small load carriers (KLT).

All these features turn the WIBOND PickVision pointer into a particularly efficient tool for manual picking.

Source and target containers are illuminated
Picking container is indicated to the picker by light signal
Picking solution for horizontal storage or assembly locations
Pick-by-spot for KLTs
Sorting with light beam for small load carriers
PickVision pointer, each for source and target container