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PickVision Cart from WIBOND

The PickVision cart combines all components of the reliable WIBOND PickVision system on a mobile order picking cart. Thus, the picking process is not only strengthened by error avoidance and speed, but also by mobility. Several orders can be handled simultaneously - paperless and route-optimized.

The pick-by-light picking cart or put-to-light picking cart can be customized according to customer requirements (number of floors levels and boxes). Each compartment on the cart is equipped with a picking display. The data transmission to the picking cart and also to the periphery takes place wireless via radio.



The process of the PickVision cart consists of two basic steps.

On one side is the pick-by-light process, in which the removal from the compartment is verified by the acceptance button of the pick-by-light display, a sensor or a barcode scanner.

On the other side is the put-to-light process, where the light display on the picking cart automatically indicates in which compartment the picked article is to be placed. The placement of the article is again confirmed by the acceptance button of the pick-by-light display or a sensor.
The power supply is provided by a rechargeable battery.

Videos zum Thema PickVision-Carts


PickVision cart supports the picker during navigation through the picking zone
Visually supported guidance of the picker to avoid errors – poka yoke

Advantages of our PickVision Carts

  • error prevention
  • real-time information flow on picking status
  • increased productivity - higher picking speed
  • several orders can be processed simultaneously
  • flexibility
  • mobility
  • short introductory training period