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Put-to-light describes the light-directed assignment of an item to a storage location. By means of the illuminated ring and the picking display, further process information is signaled.

Illuminated rings for visual guidance

During placement operations, the employee is guided via light signals to the respective storage bins. The placement is then confirmed by pressing an ergonomic button to avoid errors. Incorrect allocations can be monitored and detected via sensors. Process information is indicated via the display and illuminated ring. At the same time, all necessary process data is transferred in real time to the higher-level production system. As lists and other documents in paper form are not needed anymore, this opens the way for a visual factory.

Put-to-Light combined with Pick-by-Light

Furthermore, the combination of pick-by-light and put-to-light is also particularly suitable, where the backside of the pick-by-light rack is directly refilled via put-to-light.
WIBOND also offers the possibility to customize your new Lean Management tool, the put-to-light system, according to your individual requirements. Thanks to our long-term experience and our qualified R&D team, we are able to provide customized put-to-light systems exactly to your needs.


    • High process effectiveness - reduced order cycle time
    • High process stability - error reduction
    • Continuous process overview
    • Reduction of cost-intensive rework and check stations
    • Ergonomic working
    • Shortening of the introductory training period for new employees
    • Continuous 100% inspection
    • Real-time information flow on picking status


      • Innovative and designed according to customer requirements
      • Over 30 years of international experience on paperless picking systems
      • Linking of the systems in accordance with Industry 4.0


          • ROI within only a few months
          • Reduction of operating and inventory costs
          • Future-proof investment


            • High-quality, sturdy aluminum profile - for all areas of application
            • Intuitive user interface
            • Flexibility - individually adaptable
            • Independently configurable and controllable software - process changes can be easily and independently displayed

              Application of Put-to-Light

                  • Picking all kinds of inventory situation
                  • Error tracking
                  • Kanban
                  • Kitting
                  • Poka-yoke for error prevention 

                    We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of Put-to-Light and work with you to find the right system solution.