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The days of classical Kanban processes are over. Kanban cards made of paper that are used for manual replenishment belong to the past.

The WIBOND E-KANBAN system, an extension of the reliable pick-to-light system, sets the course for a paperless visual factory, completely in line with Industry 4.0.

Sensors determine whether a load carrier is in the desired position in the rack. If this is not the case, the e-kanban system sends a replenishment request signal directly to the higher-level IT system (WMS) in the distribution warehouse. In addition, the status of the replenishment request and thus the material flow can be displayed on an industrial monitor (e.g. WIBOND ProScreen) both in production and in the warehouse.

The templates for the e-kanban display are created using the ProView software.

This replenishment request process is also possible in combination with alternative hardware. The +/- buttons of the picking displays of the pick-to-light system or a barcode scanner for manual request can easily be integrated into the process.

A connection to your higher-level warehouse or production system - WMS or ERP - ensures an uninterrupted flow of information flow within the company. This gives you an overview of the demand situation in your EDP system beyond company boundaries.

The WIBOND e-kanban solution enables the complete control and display of the material flow in production as well as in the warehouse.

Material requisition options

Request via Button

+/- buttons are freely programmable: Material request via push-button actuation possible


Request via scanner

Material requirement by scanning the containers


Request via sensors

Checking the rack compartments by means of a sensor. Empty second compartment triggers the material requisition.


How a WIBOND E-KANBAN-System works

Advantages of e-kanban

    • Continuous material flow control (paperless)
    • Easily identify bottlenecks
    • Continuous storage of data for evaluation
    • Acceleration, streamlining of processes
    • Relieving employees of administrative tasks
    • Time-saving for employees
    • Uninterrupted information flow - avoidance of errors and losses when passing on kanban cards
    • Inventory reduction
    • Information flow to inventories beyond global locations
    • Easily configurable and scalable WIBOND E-KANBAN system

    Software für e-kanban systems


    Software for controlling
    production and logistics processes


    Software for the creation of
    dynamic templates


    Software for administration
    of industrioal monitors and LED displays