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Poka Yoke

The Japanese term poka-yoke, meaning avoiding unintentional errors, is the key element in quality management strategies like Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma or the zero-defect strategy. The simplicity of the WIBOND PickVision system in the order picking area supports the achievement of these goals enormously.

In this respect, the pick/put-to-light and pick-by-spot systems play an important role in preventing errors in the picking and sorting process.

Up to 50% of the logistics costs can be allocated to picking due to a low degree of automation. For this reason, considerable importance is attributed to the avoidance of errors and reworking.
The central factor of the poka-yoke principle is the human being, whose susceptibility to errors is higher compared to automated solutions, but in contrast, however, he has a higher flexibility. The monitoring of process control with WIBOND pick-by-light/put-to-light thus represents the optimal middle course for error-free and flexible action.

In addition, there is a considerable saving of time, since defects are detected directly at their point of origin without the need for a further subsequent checking process.

The poka-yoke system is implemented via picking displays or via pick-by-spot solutions (e.g. PickVision pointer, PickVision beamer) in combination with intervention monitoring. Depending on the software configuration, this can also be used as automatic acceptance. In case of incorrect intervention, the operator receives an acoustic and optical feedback and has the possibility to correct the incorrect intervention immediately.

Poka-yoke via pick-by-light, put-to-light and pick-by-spot is the optimal solution for many manufacturing and packaging processes to avoid cost-intensive rework, shipping costs and loss of reputation.

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