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Industry monitors - ProScreen

WIBOND offers adiverse range of industry monitors for multiple applications. The product portfolio includes standardised and customised industry monitors from 12“ to 80“ protection degrees up to IP65.

We distinguish between built-in and desktop versions. In addition, the monitors feature monitoring, safety and remote control functions. The monitors are developed and produced in Germany.


  • Andon board, Andon system
  • Plan/actual trend display
  • Statistics and graphics board
  • Control stand
  • Employee guidance system
  • E-KANBAN board
  • MDC system

    Advantages of the ProScreen industry monitor:

    • Developed for 24/7 continuous operation, both in landscape and portrait mode
    • 2x potential-free input/output for process integration of periphery
    • Modular concept with different performance classes and operating systems
    • Robust and attractive industrial design aluminium housing
    • Eco design: Energy-saving future technology
    • Long-term service & support since 100% industry components

    • Free and simple parameterisation using ProView software
    • Numerous options:

      • Safety glass, anti-glare
      • WIBUS: WIBOND Bus system for the connection and control of WIBOND components
      • Temperature sensor
      • Interfaces: ProfiNet / Profibus / Modbus / Ethernet IP / A/D converter / GPIOs / WLAN
      • Various protection degrees up to IP65

    ProScreen monitors with an embedded PC

    The ProScreen monitors with embedded PC (MEI series) are designed for 24/7 continuous operation and are configured specifically for the customer’s application. The performance class, operating system, protection degree, memory etc. are all selected from a standardised modular system.

    Monitor without an embedded PC

    The type and design of the ProScreen industry monitors without embedded PC (MVI series) are almost identical to those of the MEI series. A premium graphics card is integrated in place of the embedded PC. With double-sided applications where the MEI and MVI are installed back to back, the MEI performs the master function and thus also controls the MVI.

    DisplayManager software for triggering

    Our software offer enables the  control and administration of industry monitors as well as the free creation of dynamic templates and visualisations. The ProScreen monitors can be simply connected to superordinate systems and databases using our server software.

    Application industry monitors

    The ProScreen system enables connection to superordinate IT systems, sensors, PLC control units as well as input and output devices. In combination with the ProView software, all applications for the visualisation of warehouse and production processes as defined by the Industry 4.0 philosophy can be created.


    Application examples

    Numerous customers from the automotive, food and trade sectors have been using our technology for many years now. Each project is customised to our customers’ requirements and supported by our project planners.



    ProScreen monitor in operation
    WIBOND industry monitor in operation
    ProScreen display with bar chart
    WIBOND display in operation