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The ProScreen system

The ProScreen system is a visualisation system for lean production, enabling quick and easy communication between operator and machine or between different operators.

The ProScreen system comprises the ProScreen industry monitors, comprehensive software services, the graphic user interface ProView, as well as numerous function expansions via Bus and data converters, input devices to capture data and a professional audio system.

You can use the ProScreen system to visualise data (key figures, events, test instructions, etc.) and to control processes on a basic level, capture process data and store it in a centralised location.
Integrating sensors and peripherals with the WIBOND BUS makes the modular ProScreen system a safe investment in a factory information system in line with the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

The WIBOND ProScreen system comprises one or several WIBOND ProScreens and a comprehensive software package.
Visualisation system from WIBOND

The ProScreen system lets you visualise:

  • Faults and production interruptions
  • Current line and station states
  • Plan / actual data and comparison quantities
  • Components and parts lists
  • Assembly instructions and drawings
  • Test instructions
  • Graphics (e.g., key performance indicators)
  • Video streams
  • Images from production cameras
  • Production plans and production processes

Application as:

  • Andon board, Andon system
  • Plan/actual trend display
  • Statistics and graphics board
  • Control stand: Process monitoring
  • Employee guide system
  • E-KANBAN board
  • MDC system
Production visualisation: Connection to company IT, free template creation, connection of periphery for data input/output
Picture of the ProScreen system with inputs and outputs

Andon board

The visual information display  in the form of an Andon board supports rapid and transparent communication between production employees. Key parameters from the production process are recorded and displayed in real time.

MDC system

With the WIBOND MDC system production processes can be analysed and the  machine run times and their utilisation can be optimised. Our system can be retrofitted regardless of the machine’s manufacturer and age. Our machine data capture system is characterised by its efficiency and the transparent evaluation.


Our E-KANBAN system enables information on consumption to be transmitted directly to the distribution warehouse. Material flow management is fully automated using state-of-the-art visualisation media, without any aids at all. Error-prone cards are a thing of the past.


Compact, robust, flexible and freely scalable, these are the characteristics which define our modular employee guidance system. The system can be specially adapted depending on the requirements of the specific production process and the respective worker.