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Andon board

The WIBOND Andon board is a visual information display for “lean” production. Its goal is fast, simple worker communication to ensure that problems are quickly prioritized and addressed.

Open and transparent communication prevents misunderstandings and makes people take ownership of their processes.

Production-specific indicators and disturbance variables are determined in real time and analysed appropriately and made visually available to this worker.

This delivers immediate performance feedback, and deviating values are immediately apparent. Visualisation of plan/actual states and the localisation of faults and errors motivate staff and increase their quality awareness significantly.

The implications in the process become visible and predictable, i.e., decisions are taken more quickly. Real-time visualisation results in enhanced productivity as well as optimisation of production utilisation and production processes.

Thanks to the WIBOND Andon system you are guaranteed a higher production throughput with the same or even fewer personnel, thus increasing the competitiveness of your company.

Andon boards serve to visualise:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Faults and production interruptions
  • Current line and station states
  • Plan / actual data and comparison figures
  • Trends and tendencies
  • General employee information

Benefits and goals:

  • Motivation of employees  –  ambition to achieve more
  • Addressing responsibility – employee is part of the “whole”
  • Enhanced productivity through real-time visualisation
  • Optimisation of production utilisation by localising errors and faults
  • Networking of escalation levels in event of errors and failures
  • Visualisation of plan/actual states
  • Enhanced quality thanks to transparent communication
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Reduction in reworking and repair times
  • Optimisation of production processes and of production and warehouse logistics
  • Promotion of “lean culture” in the company
  • Increase in cost effectiveness and competitiveness