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AssemblyVision is an interactive, visual assembly guide for individual work places for displaying work and test instructions, parts lists, drawings, images, videos as well as problems and faults. The emphasis here is on paperless central processing and storage of assembly and test instructions.

The AssemblyVision system functions as a visual assembly guide, a “traceability system”. It assists workers during test processes (i.e., incoming goods tests, packaging) and acts as a training system for new employees.

The WIBOND AssemblyVision system is a compact, robust, flexible, freely scalable and modular information system. The system is characterised by customised adaptation to the requirements of the relevant production process and needs of the employee.

Employee guide: Digitalised assembly guide for the “visual factory”
AssemblyVision as a digitalised assembly guide
Digital employee guide: Visualisation and process management
AssemblyVision as a digital assembly guide
Work and test instructions, including schedules, are displayed at the relevant work place with either impulse or time control
Enlarged employee guidance system

Enhanced solution approach

The AssemblyVision system supports the processing of assembly steps and test instructions. In combination with a Pick-to-Light system, E-KANBAN sensors and periphery such as screwdrivers, scanners, cameras, signal lights etc. holistic production systems can be developed. The test instructions are created using the ProView software. Logic is described by the DSS software. This software is also responsible for connection to superordinate IT systems. All process steps are monitored, recorded and saved centrally.

Connection of an Andon or E-KANBAN system to display the following key data and events is optionally possible:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Faults and production interruptions
  • Current line and station states
  • Plan / actual data and comparison figures
  • Requirement notifications and their status

Benefits and aims of the AssemblyVision system:

  • Rapid, central creation and maintenance of work and test instructions
  • Paperless, goals-oriented dispatch of current work and test instructions in real-time
  • Holistic production and test system: Integration of periphery: Screwdrivers, scales, scanners, signallers, cameras, sensors, RFID systems, Andon boards etc.
  • Makes personnel deployment more flexible
  • Considerable increase in quality and thus reduction in reworking
  • Work instructions and displays are manipulation-proof
  • Traceability in production: Digital signing of work steps
  • Data transmission to superordinate IT systems as defined by the Industry 4.0 philosophy
  • Employee motivation thanks to use of modern technologies
  • High return on investment
  • Increase in company’s cost effectiveness and competitiveness