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Definition of KANBAN

KANBAN is the Japanese word for “card” and describes a method of production process management. This method concentrates solely on the materials actually used at the point of production. The KANBAN system manages the value chain at every stage of production at optimal cost. The removal from and stocking of the buffer warehouse is asynchronous. Throughout the entire production process, the distribution of materials in buffer warehouses is traditionally managed through the simple dissemination of information (KANBAN cards) and short transport routes.

The E-KANBAN system is an extension of the tried-and-tested PickVision system from WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH allowing usage information and supply messages to be transmitted directly to the distribution warehouse. This process is entirely automated using state-of-the-art visualisation media, completely without aids such as the usual plug-in cards. This eliminates not only the need to move cards from the buffer warehouse to the distribution warehouse, but also eliminates the risk of them being lost.

We offer the following material flow management versions both as new installations and retrofits:

Cost-effective solution:
Material can be requested via the freely programmable +/- keys on the order picking display or via a keyboard unit, e.g., “PKK 7 RG”. The impulse is triggered manually by the employee. All other processes, e.g., the forwarding of data to the distribution warehouse or subordinate  IT systems (e.g., SAP) as well as the display on the E-KANBAN monitor are automatic.

Pick-to-Light & E-KANBAN:
The E-KANBAN sensors are connected directly to the corresponding order picking display. The requirement notification is forwarded to the PickVisionController (evaluation unit) via the corresponding order picking display. All the advantages of paperless order picking and the E-KANBAN system serve to enhance the competitiveness of your system.

Visualisation via ProView:
The templates for the E-KANBAN system can be freely configured and parameterised using the ProView software. The visualisations in the logistics and production areas can be adapted to meet the specific demands. In the example, the remaining times and status are indicated using colours. A distinction is made between the status “Request”, “Provision” and “Collection”. Visualisation, the procedure and possible escalation stages can be freely configured by the customer without IT know-how and without the support of the IT department.

Andon boards serve to visualise:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Faults and production interruptions
  • Current line and station states
  • Plan / actual data and comparison figures
  • Trends and tendencies
  • General employee information

Benefits and aims of the E-KANBAN system:

  • Material flow management
  • Visualisation of requirement notifications and procurement times
  • Employee motivation –  ambition to achieve more
  • Addressing responsibility – employee is part of the “whole”
  • Enhanced productivity through real-time visualisation
  • Optimisation of production utilisation by localising errors and faults
  • Networking of escalation levels in event of errors and failures
  • Visualisation of plan/actual states
  • Enhanced quality thanks to transparent communication
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Reduction in reworking and repair times
  • Optimisation of production processes and of production and warehouse logistics
  • Promotion of “lean culture” in the company
  • Increase in cost effectiveness and competitiveness