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Machine data capture system

As a rule, modern production systems are process-controlled. The machine data is transmitted directly to the IT systems by means of corresponding interface converters and WIBOND middleware. Older machines can also be integrated in the MDC system via special converters.

The machine data capture serves to analyse production processes with the goal of optimising the machine running times and their utilisation in the value chain. To this end, production times and machine stoppages caused by rest times and faults are evaluated in order to facilitate continuous improvement.

The key machine data are the production quantity, the effective production time, the setup time, the downtimes due to faults and the energy requirements. This data can be used to determine utilisation, machine availability as well as the machine state and, if necessary, the maintenance intervals.

The WIBOND MDC & control system enables data capture, its statistical evaluation and forwarding thereof to superordinate IT systems. The machine data capture system can be retrofitted simply, efficiently and independently of the machine manufacturer and age.

Industry 4.0 in five steps

The WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH MDC system captures machine and production data and transmits it to the server. The server then evaluates the data and visualises it directly on the production line and/or in the workplace of key personnel (managers, production managers, service technicians, etc.)

The huge advantage of the WIBOND system is the individuality of the different areas: “collection, transmission, analysis and visualisation”. As our customer, you will received a tailor-made solution for your production process.

Data capture of various malfunctions or machine states is carried out either via direct machine interfaces or by the operator using an input device.

Data can be submitted via the existing company network, or a self-sufficient WIBOND network can be set up (cable, WiFi, radio).

Data captured by the MDC system can be stored on any customer database linked to it.

Data analysis is carried out on a central server. The information thus obtained (target/actual states, trend comparisons, loading, rate of good parts, scrap rate, downtimes, etc.) is then distributed to the desired media.

The visualisation and information distribution processes can be tailored to your needs. Thus, you can combine all WIBOND components freely, or expand the system in the future.