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Software for WIBOND industry monitors


The ProView software enables the user to freely create application-specific  and manage dynamic presentations and work instructions. ProView is as user-friendly as "PowerPoint" and can be used for creating different kinds of scalable templates as well as dynamically visualising production and logistics processes. You do not need any programming expertise and can use your own IT system for creating the templates and adding dynamic content.

ProView is a modular system and allows various processes to be visualised, managed and monitored. A key feature of this product is that with the ProView software the user can create  any templates and also scale and edit as desired.

DisplayManager software for monitors

WIBOND ProScreenManager

With the ProScreenManager (component part of the DisplayManager) the ProScreen is parameterised via the network. In addition, all the ProScreens in a system can be managed and connected with the software. The “Imagereader” forms part of the ProScreenManager and serves to create presentations from virtually any program. Both simple and time-controlled presentations are possible with the ProScreen Manager.

WIBOND DisplayServer DSS

The DisplayServer acts as an interface to the data from superordinate IT systems. It can be connected in a variety of ways and file formats (e.g., ODBC, XML, ASCII …). The DisplayServer is designed to work as a service with a user interface, from a server. Alternatively, the DisplayServer can also be integrated in the ProScreen industry monitor. Parameterisation is via the integrated user interface. Customer-specific connections of the DisplayServer DSS to ERP systems, e.g., via IDoc, RFC interfaces or other interfaces are also possible with the DisplayClient software.


  • Visualisation of various objects such as surfaces, images, texts, time etc.
  • Plan/actual trend calculation/cycle time, bar graph function, shift calendar
  • Assignment of ProScreen options and/or database content to the display fields (evaluation of switch inputs and/or triggering of acoustic signals)
  • Manual and automatic display of information texts. ProScreen areas defined specifically via ProView can be used to call up text messages
  • Values currently shown on the ProScreen can be called up on the PC workstation
  • Optional connection of customer databases via DSS or DCS
Displaypresentation status display

Customised layout

The monitor can be divided into freely definable and scalable “function fields”.

Display with machine data

User-friendly and easy to operate

Direct access to data fields of the PLC or database without any programming expertise required.

Display with connection to machine data

Connection of machine data

Evaluation of key parameters

KPI formula editor

Shift plan creation

Display assembly output

Intelligent process management

Connected sensors and data are selected in the ProScreen system and connected together. Control of periphery, dispatch of e-mails and SMS according to correspondingly selected and set escalation levels.

  • Product features of the ProView software
  • Creation of customised templates/layouts
  • Data capture from PLC systems
  • Calculation of KPIs via formula editor
  • Calculation of key figures and plan/actual trend / visualisation
  • Cycle time visualisation
  • Visualisation of escalation levels, system status, fault and ad-hoc messages
  • Shift calendar with optionally integrated break times, national holidays and company holidays
  • WIBOND Image Printer (virtual printer) serves to integrate your documents from any programs
  • Display of individual images, time-controlled image sequences, dynamisation of image content
  • Logical process animation / Procedure management
Monitor display with ProView features