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WIBOND LED applications

Given the almost unlimited number of possible applications for our LED large displays, we can only present a small selection of possible uses here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch as regards your planned optimisation and increase in production. We would be delighted to help you find the ideal solution for your company.

Just like your customers expect a diverse product portfolio from you, varied and flexible display systems are required to display information. In most cases the use of “off the rack” large displays does not achieve the desired goal.

Based on our many decades of experience our concept of a large display which is optimised to your requirements yet nevertheless flexible has ensured maximum customer satisfaction time and time again.

LED display as Andon-Board

Andon ads bring important workflows to the right place as quickly as possible through simple visual communication, enabling easy communication, fast response and efficient workflow.

Production disruptions and quality problems can be addressed in a timely manner. Performance levels are visualized to the employee and thus promote self-motivation, quality awareness and the assumption of responsibility.

LED display to increase work safety

WIBOND SafetyVision displays increase the safety awareness of your employees. This reduces the cost of downtime due to accidents, the contribution rate to accident insurance is reduced and planning reliability and thus productivity is increased.

Information such as the current date, accident-free days and current safety information and warnings are displayed.

The work safety display is available for indoor and outdoor use.

LED display for visualization of physical quantities

In this case, the LED display is used to display physical quantities and measured values such as weight, length, area, time, current, temperature, running meter, speed, volume, distance, power, etc. The LED display can be used to display the measured data.

Displays for physical quantities, such as weight, can be used both outdoors, e.g. for checking truck weights, and indoors for weighing mixing ratios.

The LED displays can be designed as temperature displays, speed displays or weight displays. Power displays, displays of power consumption or display of running meters per time unit are common examples of LED applications.

The special added value of the WIBOND displays is the possibility to adapt not only the hardware, but above all the firmware to your requirements.

LED-Anzeige mit 7-Segment Display zur Darstellung von Stromverbrauch oder Erzeugung

LED-Anzeige zum LKW-Aufruf

WIBOND LKW-Aufrufanzeigen enable faster handling of trucks, e.g. in the loading area. The loading and unloading time is reduced with a professional truck call system from WIBOND. Vehicles no longer block each other. The LED outside display of the call system guides the driver safely and in time to the correct ramp position. The downtimes of the truck are significantly reduced.

WIBOND's truck call-up system helps to structure and ultimately optimize traffic flows and logistics processes on your factory premises.

In addition to project planning and delivery, the scope of services for the truck display system includes the commissioning of a weatherproof LED outdoor display suitable for sunlight.  The scope of delivery includes optional control software, which can be customized to the application if required.

Benefits and objectives of the truck call system

    • Optimisation of traffic flows on the company premises
    • Improvement of the logistics processes during loading and unloading of the truck
    • Avoid misunderstandings and language barriers
    • Reduction of waiting and standing times
    • Optimization of personnel deployment

    LED display for the corrugated board industry

    WIBOND corrugated board displays inform the staff about the current production status.

    The production and average speeds, the running meters with nominal/actual value, the remaining running meters or the downtime are displayed.

    By displaying these values, the production trend can be identified at an early stage. The key figures serve to increase efficiency and optimize production quality.

    The powerful display modules are ideally suited for reading distances up to 70 m. Other KPIs can also be displayed on the dashboard on request.

    The corrugated board display is ready for connection, maintenance-free and designed for 24/7 operation. All common industrial interfaces such as Profibus, ProfiNet, Ethernet, WLAN etc. can be easily integrated.

    Kennzahlendarstellung in der Wellpappeherstellung via 7-Segment LED-Anzeige