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Overview PickVision products

Paperless Order Picking - PickVisionSystem

Paperless order picking offers a whole host of advantages compared to paper-based systems. The WIBOND PickVisionSystem comprises almost all paperless order picking technologies. The PickVisionSystem offers the ideal approach to satisfying various requirements. For example, warehouse and production staff receive instructions quickly and directly at their work station via the order picking display. These instructions are transmitted from the superordinate warehouse/production IT system (e.g. SAP) either directly or via the order picking computer to the PickVisionSystem.

Advantages of the PickVisionSystem:

  • Improvement in order picking performance
  • Reduction in picking times
  • Reduction in order processing times
  • Reduction in item and quantity errors
  • Reduction in follow-up costs due to complaints and loss of image
  • Highly flexible personnel deployment
  • Optimised ergonomics
  • High level of information at the work stations
  • Shorter order picking routes
  • Reduction in average stock levels
  • Reduction of storage area
  • Impressive system ROI
  • Short payback period
PickVision display units

PickVision products

We supply a range of hard- and software components for customer-specific configuration of the PickVisionSystem. These allow your production and warehouse application to be designed efficiently and reproduced cost-effectively.

Entire order picking system with components

PickVision applications

Given its exceptional flexibility and functionality, the PickVision order picking system is ideal for optimising warehouse and production logistics.

Application examples

Numerous customers from the automotive, food and trade sectors have been successfully using our technology for many years now. Each project is customised to our customers’ requirements and supported by our project planners.

Paperless order picking
Paperless order picking
Paperless order picking
PickVision products in operation